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    General procedure of formulating the equilibrium constant

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    I am having a hard time finding the equilibrium constant for this problem, can anyone help?

    Determine Equilibrium constant at 298K for:

    Sn(+2)(aq) + MnO4(-1)(aq) ==> Sn(+4)(aq) + Mn(+2)(aq)

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    Based on the general equation and definition :

    n1*A + n2*B ---> m1*C + m2*D

    We get:

    Kc = {(C^m1) * (D^m2)} / {(A^n1) * (B^n2)}

    The capital letters in that formula mean ...

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    A step-by-step explanation is given by using a given equation. Values of concentration are not given nor used.