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    Calculate the Length (Volume) of an Air Column

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    Air is trapped in the lower part of a thin tube below a mercury column of length 8 cm. When the tube is vertical the length of air column trapped is 12 cm. The top is open and the system is at equilibrium. What will be the length of the trapped air column if the tube is now tilted so that it makes an angle of 65 degrees to the vertical? Take the atmospheric pressure 76 cm Hg.

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    The air inside the tube will be compressed due to the pressure of mercury column in the tube.

    When the tube is in vertical position:

    If the atmospheric pressure is P0 (= 76 cm of Hg) then the total pressure of the air trapped inside will be ...

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    An air column is trapped below a mercury column in a thin tube. The length of air column is calculated when the tube is tilted from its vertical position.