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    Coordination complex of Cr

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    Please give the answer and explain how to find the following.

    For [Cr(NH3)2(en)2]Cl3

    a) give the oxidation number
    b) give the coordination number of Cr


    Give the formula of the compound.

    calcium triaquabromodicyanoferrate(II)

    Question # 3

    An atom in a certain compound uses sp^2 hybrid orbitals. How many sp^2 hybrid orbitals are there on the atom?

    Question #4

    In a certain molecule a certain atom uses sp3d hybrid orbitals. How many sp3d orbitals are on the atom?

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    Q1. [Cr(NH3)2(en)2]Cl3

    Let 'x' be oxidation state of Cr.

    x +2(0) + 2(0) +3(-1) = 0. Hence x = +3

    NH3 is monodentate and en is ...

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    A Cr complex structure is given, its oxidation state is found. A Ca complex is named and the number of hybrid orbitals used in hybridization is given.