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    Bond length, moles, cathode

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    1) Which of the following molecules has the shortest bond length

    a) N sub 2
    b) O sub 2
    c) Cl sub 2
    d) Br sub 2
    e) I sub 2

    2) What number of moles of Osub2 his needed to produce 14.2 Grams 0f Psub4Osub10 (molecular mass =284g)from P?

    3) If 0.060 faraday is passed through an electrolytic cell containing a solution of In^3+ ions, the maximum number of moles of In that could be deposited at the the cathode is

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    Answer: N sub 2
    Its atomic no is the lowest and also it has a triple bond.
    The values for bond lengths are:
    (A stands for Angstrom)
    a) N sub 2- 1.098 A
    b) O sub 2 -1.208 ...

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    This solution identifies the molecule with the shortest bond length, calculates number of moles.