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    Standard Heat of Formation - Acid/Base

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    CHsub4(g) + 2Osub2(g) --> COsub2(g) + 2Hsub2O(l)
    triangleHsub f^degree symbol Hsub2O(l) =-285.8kJ/mole
    triangleHsub f^degree symbol COHsub2(g) =-393.3kJ/mole

    1) What is the standard heat of formation, triangleHsubf^degree symbol, of methane, CHsub4(g) as calculated from the data above?

    2) each of the following can act as both a bronsted acid and a bronsted base except

    a) HCOsub3^-
    b) Hsub2POsub4^-
    c) NHsub4^+
    d) Hsub2O
    e) HS^-

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    1) DHf= (DHf products) - (DHf reactants) The data of Hf of reaction ...

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