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Reactions of Formic Acid with Bases. Which Base is Best?

A) Balance the following equations.
b) Determine the by-products of each reaction.
c) Select the most preferred base to use in balancing the equation.
d) Quote the pKb for each base used.

The preference for the ultimately selected base is to be determined by:
a) which would be the safest base to handle,
b) which produces the most environmentally-friendly reaction by-products, and
c) which reaction favors the smallest amount of base to be used?

Here are the equations:

CH2O2 + NaOH =

CH2O2 + Na2O =

CH2O2 + Na2SO4 =

CH2O2 + Na2CO3 =

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The solution outlines how to decide on the best base to use neutralize formic acid. The decision is based on safety, ease of handling, environmentally friendly by-products and economy of the base.