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NaOH to prepare 576 ml of a solution

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How much NaOH is needed to prepare 576 mL of solution with a pH 10?

Is it possible to calculate concentration of a solution, OH- concentration, and H+ concentration from just a pH given (no specific base or acid)?

Is the concentration of a solution the same as the concentration of [OH-] or [H+]?

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No it is not. The fixed pH solutions only work with weak acids or bases and their conjugate salts.

pH ten means the -log of the activity of the hydrogen ion against a standard calomel electrode is 10.
Even electrodes are standardized against buffer solutions.

This also means the concentration of hydrogen ion is at 10^(-10) M for this solution. The hydroxide concentration would have to be at 14-10 =4 =pOH or 10^(-4) M

That is ...

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