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Ionic solubility of aqueous solutions

The only possible ions in an aqueous solution are ion, barium, carbonate, chloride and nitrate.

The following are observed:
i) the original solution contains only dissolved species.
ii) adding silver ion to the solution produces no precipitates.
iii) adding sulfate ion to the original solution produces a white precipitate.

a) Which ion(s) are definitely present in the original solution?
b) Which ions(s) are definitely absent from the original solution?

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OK...I think there is a typo in that it says the only ions are: ion (iron?), etc.

With that here we go:

Chloride is NOT in it as AgCl is insoluble and would ...

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This solution examines a group of ions (barium, carbonate, chloride and nitrate) and their presence and solubility in aqueous solution.