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    concentration of Fe2+ in equilibrium with Fe(OH)3

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    At pH 6.00 and pE 2.50, what is the concentration of Fe2+ (mol/L) in equilibrium with Fe(OH)3? Hint: Use the Nernst equation and the Ksp for the solubility of solid iron (III) hydroxide.

    Note: I have already used the solution library examples and have come up with these wrong answers: 1.36e-3, 3.5e-3, 2.6645e-4, 2.9e-4, 5.495e-5 I have work this problem from many angles and I still can't get it. A step by step answer would be nice. Thanks

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    The answer might be a little off due to slightly different Ksp from different resources.
    so if your book has a different Ksp, just ...

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    The solution is comprised of the detailed explanations of finding the concentration of Fe2+ inequilibrium with Fe(OH)3 when the pH and pE of the solution are known.