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    Amount of coal needed to produce a pH of 2

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    How many metric tons of 5%-S coal would be needed to yield the H2SO4 required to produce a 5.0 cm rainfall of pH 2.00 over an area of 100 square kilometers?

    Hint: calculate the volume of rain, mol H+, mass of S, mass of coal.

    If you could work out the problem for me, that would be great! It makes it easier to understand.

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    The concentration is [H+] is 10^-pH. e.g If the pH is 5 then [H+] is 10^-5 mol/L

    Because H2SO4 gives two H+ ions, the concentration of H2SO4 is half that of H+

    The volume is ...

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    The solution is given step-by-step to calculate the amount of coal needed to produce a pH of 2.