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    Yields and pH

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    How many metric tons of 5%-S coal would be needed to yield the H2SO4 required to produce a 2.5-cm rainfall of pH 2.00, over an area of 100 square kilometres? I need to SEE this problem worked out, then I can do the rest of them!
    Hints given: Calculate vol rain, mol H+, mass of S, mass of coal.

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    This is a classic case of 'work backwards through the question and use all the data provided'.

    Consider the following:
    i) What's the volume of rain? 2.5 cm x 10 km x 10 km = 2.5 x 10^(9) L
    ii) What's the concentration ...

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    This solution gives the amount of metric tons of 5%-S coal needed to produce a given amount of pH over a specified area. The answer is given in a step by step way, outlining key considerations and formulas needed to fully resolve the problem.