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Molarity, rain water, NH3, AgNO3

Question: 5.0 mL of 12 mol NH3 / Litre solution is added to 500.0 mL of 0.050 mol AgNO3 / Litre solution.
Assume the combining volumes are additive,
What molar concentration of silver ion will exist in solution after equilibrium is established?
Ag+ + 2 NH3 = Ag(NH3)2+
( Kf for Ag(NH3)2+ is 1.5 x 107 )

Present your response as an exponential number to two significant digits.

Question: A sample of rainwater collected near a lead smelter is analyzed for acid content.
Experiments show that a 100.0 mL sample of the rainwater is neutralized by
22.4 milliLiters of 0.0122 mol NaOH/Litre solution.
Assuming that the acid present is sulfurous acid, which resulted from the reaction of SO2 with water,
what is the molarity of acid in the rainwater?

Present your response as a decimal number to three significant digits.

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Answer 1:
The initial [NH3] after mixing is 5/505*12=0.12M. Each Ag+ ...

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It shows how to calculate the molar concentration of silver ion and the molarity of acid in the rainwater, respectively.