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    Using Acid Chlorides to Prepare Aromatic Ketones

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    Acid chlorides are used as electrophiles in the Friedel-Crafts reaction to prepare aromatic ketones. The reaction involves the transfer of an aromatic hydrocarbon with an acyl chloride in the presence of a lewis acid, such as AlCl3. Using this reaction, outline the reaction sequence you would use to prepare:
    a) ethyl phenyl ketone
    b) benzophenone

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    First reaction: preparation of ethyl-phenyl ketone

    See attached file for the reaction equation.

    How it is done:
    Propanoyl chloride is added carefully to a mixture of benzene and solid aluminium chloride in the cold. Hydrogen chloride gas is given off.

    When all the propanoyl chloride has ...

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    The preparation of ethyl-phenyl ketone and benzophenone is explained. Reaction equations are included in two attached PDF files.