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    Method for Trapping a Gas

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    The decomposition of 3-sulfolene to form 1,3-butadiene generates 1 mole of sulfur dioxide gas per mole of 1,3-butadiene. Substantial quantities of SO2 would be generated if this decomposition were carried out on a large scale. Suggest a method for trapping the gas to prevent its escape into the environment.

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    This question is a major industrial problem because SO2 is easily dissolved in water, yielding sulfurous acid:

    SO2(g) + H20(l) ----> H2SO3(aq)

    The acid will of course lower the pH of the water (with substantial biological impact) and also attack all substances vulnerable to acids in standard acid base reactions ...

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    This solution is provided in 223 words. It discusses the issue of SO2 dissolved in water, and discusses wet scrubbers as a method of trapping the gas.