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Hazardous Organic Material Incident in the Workplace

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Describe an incident (fire, spill, explosion, etc) you have experienced (or research one on the Internet, professional journal, or scientific magazine article) that involved a hazardous organic material(s) and required mitigation. The following items must be addressed:

A) Describe the incident and identify the hazardous organic material(s) involved;
B) Discuss the chemical interactions of the material(s) involved in this incident or hazardous properties relevant to the incident;
C) Discuss the mitigation required or implemented.

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This solution (composed of nearly 450 words) details a specific case study regarding workplace safety involving a spill of hazardous organic material.

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Hi there,

I'd like to relate to you an incident that happened at my workplace about 3 months ago. I am a laboratory technician within the anatomy department at a university. Part of my job involves the embalming of cadavers. There are two different chemical means that we use to embalm: the more common method of formalin embalming and a newer method called Thiel embalming. It is this second method that resulted in a biohazard risk at the lab.

The main chemical component of Thiel embalming solution is ethanol. However, there is a small amount of phenol (also called carbolic acid or benzenol) that is used in the stock solution. The formula for phenol is C6H5OH. We first dissolve ...

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