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    Formation fo ethyl acetate, acid-catalyzed

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    Hello, In a 125-mL Erlenmeyer flask, 10-mL ethanol, 12 mL glacial acetic acid, and 15 drops of concentrated sulfuric acid (18 M), are added together with a boiling stone. Ethyl acetate is distilled.

    1 Write the equation for the formation of ethyl acetate.

    2 What is the purpose of sulfuric acid?

    3 What happens if water is removed from the reaction mixture.

    4 Write the structure of the product formed when ethanol is oxidized by sodium dichromate.

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    1) CH3CH2OH + CH3CH2OH ----> CH3CH2OOCH2CH3 (ethyl acetate, an ester) + H2O, an esterification reaction

    2) The sulfuric acid supplies the ...

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    In this solution we briefly consider a reaction, condensing ethanol and acetic acid. What product does it form, and what is the role of the strong acid? What happens if water is removed from such a reaction, and what is the product of oxidation of ethanol?