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    Conditions that impact organizational environments

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    Explain in an essay format how the following can significantly impact organizational environments:

    (a) legal conditions,
    (b) political conditions,
    (c) technological conditions, and
    (d) demographic conditions.

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    Impact organizational environments

    This paper discusses the components and complexities of an organization's culture and the external /internal environment and how these may constrain managers. Managers are also responsible for improving stakeholder involvement in decisions making and actions taking. Managers must be aware that organizational culture and organizational environments will influence both the way an organization is managed as well as its effectiveness. How can an understanding of organizational culture and the external environment help the manager? Let us learn.

    The impact of the external environment on a manager's actions and behaviors cannot be overemphasized. There are forces in the environment that play a major role in shaping managers' endeavors. The environment is defined as outside institutions and forces outside the organization that potentially affect an organization's performance.

    Types of Environment:
    1) External Environment
    2) Internal Environment

    Major forces outside the organization with potential to influence significantly a product or service's likely success is called its external environment. Types of external environments: The insights derived from systems theory have helped to highlight the importance of a managed interaction between an organization and its external environment. Two major divisions have been made in the external environment:

    The Mega Environment

    The Task Environment, the Mega Environment, the mega-environment, or general environment as it is sometimes called, is that segment of the external environment that reflects the broad conditions and trends in the societies within which an organization operates.

    Major Elements of the Mega Environment

    The technological element of the mega-environment reflects the current state of knowledge regarding the production of products and services.

    Technology is a particular state of knowledge. It is not "things." A computer, for instance, is an artifact or an example of technology and is not technology itself. Research indicates that technology tends to evolve through periods of incremental change punctuated by technological breakthroughs that either enhance or destroy the competence of firms in an industry.

    Numerous publications (such as Business Week, ...

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    The conditions that impact organizational environment is examined.