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    Analysis of Australia and Singapore

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    This paper needs to be 15 pages. I need a help with 5 of them. Can somebody help me?
    Complete the following actions and prepare a 5 pages (300 words each page):
    Please provide 2 references.

    Conduct a country (PEST) analysis of Australia and Singapore for companies operating in the advertising industry. Based on this country analysis, recommend which of the two countries would have the greatest market potential, and explain why.
    - Suggest the most effective market entry strategy for companies in this industry to enter that market, and provide supporting rationale.
    - Use at least 2 data sources to support conclusions.

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    I have provided the basic PEST for each country and a brief paragraph on the reasons for choosing one over the other. You should add your thoughts and concerns as well as the information you need from a second support. I used the CIA World Fact Book. https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/index.html

    PEST: Australia

    This is a federal parliamentary democracy and part of the Commonwealth realm. It has six states and 2 territories. The constitution has been in effect since 1901 and shows great stability in the way the country is governed. The legal system is based on English common law and is very much like the United States.

    There are three branches of government: executive, legislative, and judicial. The executive has a sovereign in the Queen. There is a head of government, the Prime Minister and this person is generally accepted as the leader of the country. The Prime minister is nominated, and elected from the Parliament, the legislative division of the government. The country has a representative of the Commonwealth, called the governor. He represents the Queen and her concerns. (Elizabeth of England is the queen). The monarchy is hereditary, the governor appointed and the Prime Minister elected from the legislature.

    The legislature is bicameral with two houses, a Senate and a House of Representatives. Elections occur every three years and House members are elected to serve up to three years. Each state has twelve Senators and the mainland territories have two Senate representatives. No state may have less than five representatives in the House, where there are 150 seats.

    The judicial branch includes the High Court with a chief justice and six other justices appointed by the governor, who is advised by the government.

    There are several political parties including the Australian Greens, Australian ...

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