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Strategic Positioning of HSBC in Australia

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Undertake the following tasks:

Q3. Critically discuss the strategic choices that you think are pertinent to the strategic positioning of HSBC in Australia.

Q4. Justify a strategy that you believe HSBC in Australia should be pursuing.

Some more guidelines:

Q3 Strategic Choices--Critical discussion of Generic Choices
--Critical discussion of Specific Choices
--Implications for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Q4 Justification of a Strategy--Presentation of a Strategy
--Justification of the strategy
--Implications for the case organization.

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The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

HSBC Holdings plc is among one of the biggest banking groups in the world (HSBC: The World's Local Bank, 2009). It was ranked the sixth biggest company and at the end of 2008, it was ranked as the world's third biggest banking company behind Citigroup and JP Morgan in all over the world (Special Report: The Global 2000, 2008). In Australia, HSBC is operating in a successful manner and generating good revenues and profits year after year. HSBC is a financial entity, which divides its business sector into different divisions, with the help of 35 branches in all over the Australia (HSBC in Australia, 2009). There are numerous services that are provided by HSBC in Australia are as follow:
Personal Financial Services: HSBC offers range of personal financial services including current and savings accounts, mortgages, car financing, insurance services, credit cards, loans, etc. (HSBC: The World's Local Bank, 2009). The Consumer Finance group eases point of sale credit to customers, and loans currency and renders related services to fulfill the financial requirements of people (HSBC in Australia, 2009).
Commercial Banking: HSBC renders financial services to all kinds of market enterprises, that is, small, medium and middle market enterprises. The group possesses a wide range of customers, which include sole proprietors, partnerships, clubs and associations, incorporated businesses and publicly quoted companies (HSBC: The World's Local Bank, 2009).
Corporate, Investment Banking and Markets: The customer group of HSBC in Australia renders custom made financial services to corporate and institutional clients. The lines of business represent global banking, global markets, global research and global transaction banking (HSBC in Australia, 2009).
Some important current value strategies used by HSBC in Australia are
Slogan: Since the world wide acceptance of the HSBC brand mark, the following slogans have been used:
1999: Your world of financial services
2002: The world's local bank
These slogans represent an effective strategic capability of HSBC in Australia as well as in all over the world. The Bank strives hard to create the strong value. Its value statement reflects the Trust, Truthfulness or Honesty and Integrity (HSBC: The World's Local Bank, 2009). In order to maintain its current value, the Bank has followed the practices of code of ethics, these code of ethics are known by the statement called Professional Practice Statement. These statements set standard for the appropriate behavior that is supposed to be shown by the directors and the employees. Current value strategy includes the following:
➢ While dealing with the bank's objectives, the efficient and the proper code of conduct is expected from the employees and the directors.
➢ Avoiding those situations that may lead to the conflict of interest.
➢ Adhering to the Bank's policy of Equal Employment Opportunity.
➢ Maintaining confidentiality in the dealings of Bank and its customers
➢ Last but not the least, showing honesty in the professional activities.
These standards are conveyed to staff on a regular basis. Insider trading guidelines have been established to ascertain that unpublished price sensitive information about the bank or any other company cannot be misused under any circumstances (HSBC in Australia, 2009).
Brand and Advertising: HSBC is the world's biggest brand and it has a strong ...

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