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    supply chain management decisions

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    5. Discuss how supply chain management decisions impact the ability to excel in certain dimensions.

    Specifically consider:

    a. Conformance to requirements
    b. Product selection
    c. Price and brand
    d. Value-added services
    e. Relationships and experiences

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    Supply chain decisions impact the ability to excel in different dimensions via several ways. For example, dimensions like relationships and experiences are greatly affected by supply chain decisions. Efficient supply chain management system allows an organization to deliver products and services to clients in a timely manner, as per intended schedule and thus, is a major contributor to overall customer satisfaction levels. The customer's purchase experience in greatly enhanced in a positive manner by an effective supply chain distribution system that even takes care of post purchase requirements and concerns of the customers.

    Similarly, ...

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    Logistics of supply chain: Conformance, product, price, brand, value-added services