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    Organizational changess

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    Topic: Management Theory

    Develop a business hypothetical that involves three issues involving your assigned topic. REMEMBER THIS MUST BE BASED ON BUSINESS ISSUES.

    3. Identify the Facts (all details) - Make sure this is detailed.

    4. Identify the Issues (the question that will be answered by your review and analysis of the assigned topic).

    5. Based on your review and analysis of your assigned topic, write a recommendation on how the issues should be resolved - make sure you reference the specific information pertaining to your topic and how it is relative to your recommendation.

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    Organizational Change

    Our organization is going to implement Total quality management for achieving the strategy of the organization. Total Quality Management (TQM) is a management strategy carried out by an organization with the aim of embedding awareness of quality in all organizational process. Boje, et al, (1993) argued that Total Quality Management has a wider application than that of assuring product and service quality but also it is a way of managing people and business to ensure complete customer satisfaction at every stage internally or externally.

    Drucker (1992) pointed out that Total Quality Management is an approach to improving the competitiveness, flexibility, effectiveness and understanding each activity and removing all wasted effort and energy that is routinely spent on an organization. The concept of good and services being "good enough" is considered inadequate in Total Quality Management and implementing it is being proactive concerning quality rather than being active. It also provides an umbrella for an organization under which customer satisfaction at lower costs can be created.

    TQM can be implemented only with the help of change management tools. This is because it's an issue of leadership, cultural management and communication. All these components are necessary to implement TQM in the organization.

    Change Model
    Practitioners of organizational development help organizations to manage change in a variety of different ways including the following:
    a) Assessing the need for change
    b) Designing the plan for change
    c) Coaching those who will lead others through the transition to change
    d) Helping others adapt to change
    e) Dealing with resistance to change.

    The most suitable strategy for an organization is that of long term changes. . It requires three things:

    * Management commitment,
    * Universal approval, and
    * Appropriate measures and rewards.


    Management Commitment:

    In order for anything to happen in an enterprise, including change, executives and managers must be consistently committed to making it happen. Only enterprise leaders can ensure that resources necessary to effect the change are available. Consistent commitment means that the change becomes both an enterprise strategy and an enterprise goal that leaders continuously and obviously support. The visibility of leadership support is a ...

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    Develop a business hypothetical that involves three issues involving your assigned topic. REMEMBER THIS MUST BE BASED ON BUSINESS ISSUES.