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    Abbott Laboratories

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    Write a brief description of Abott Laboratories including the sector, products, key executives (CEO, CFO, COO) information - name, education, years of experience. You may use yahoo finance, morningstar or any financial websites. One page.

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    The ticker symbol for Abbott laboratories is ABT. The company is on file with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). Abbott's main business is the discovery, development, manufacture, and sale of a broad and diversified line of health care products. Abbott Laboratories operates in the Healthcare sector.

    As of 2015, Abbott was comprised of four segments:
    • Established Pharmaceutical Products
    • Diagnostic Products
    • Nutritional Products
    • Vascular Products.

    The principal products included in the broad therapeutic area portfolios of the Established Pharmaceutical Products segment are:
    • gastroenterology products, including Creon®, Duspatal® Dicetel®, Heptral®, Transmetil®, Samyr®, Donamet®, and Duphalac®.

    • women's health products, including Duphaston® ...

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