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Recent Disaster Aftermath

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Discuss the aftermath of a recent disaster. Describe at least three regulations or procedures and explain how they were applied/or not applied to prevent workers' exposure to hazardous materials and other harmful conditions.

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The recent disaster aftermath is examined.

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Recent Disaster:

The operations that are set by organizations to handle the aftermath situations of a disaster lead to many injuries to the employees. A lot of federal employees have been injured, killed or even become ill due to work related incidents. This is based on the fact that they were not protected from the harmful conditions and other hazardous materials while undertaking their assigned roles. One of the recent disasters that hit the nation of Japan was the earth quake of the Pacific Cost also regarded as the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. With the tsunami causing more than the expected nuclear accidents, the procedures that were put in place to safeguard the lives of the employees were minimal. This was against the Occupational Safety and Health Administration policies that have been placed to keep the employees who are valuable resources of the nation safe (Katz, et all n.d).

Discussion of the Aftermath of the Disaster:

The aftermath of this recent disaster was marked with intense humanitarian crisis that had to be tended to by the rescue operations. The federal employees had to ensure that the 340,000 people who had to be relocated to safe environs. The ...

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