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    Performance Based Contracting, Market Research, and Other Topics

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    1. What is performance based contracting?

    2. When is it appropriate to use Government Furnished Property? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

    3. What are the primary rules concerning gifts regarding government employees? What is the overarching rule in the ethics arena that always provides a safe harbor for any decision?

    4. What are the key aspects of market research and why is it so important?

    5. Describe the potential problems between government contractor personnel and the end users (government customers) concerning how we get the right supply/service/performance needed. What about timing issues?

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    1. What is performance based contracting?

    Performance based contracting method is used by the government (and federal agencies) when a problem arises they allow contractors to make bids demonstrating detailed solution to the problems and selecting the best contractor for the contracted job. Then the government measures the contractor's performance throughout the period of the contract. The old method was for the government (and federal agencies) to tell the contractors how to meet goals in a contracted job throughout the contract period. The new thought behind performance based contracting is that contractors know how to do their contracting job better than the government does (Newell, 2008).

    2. When is it appropriate to use Government Furnished Property? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

    It is appropriate to use Government Furnished Property (GFP) as a contractor doing a contracted job for the federal government and federal agencies throughout the period of the contract in order to perform the contracted job (www.all-marks.com).

    The advantages of using GFP as a contractor allow a competitive edge over other contractors that do not have the opportunity to use GFP. Another advantage of contractors using GFP is the contractor using GFP does not incur the cost of purchasing the equipment and property to do the contract job. The cost of the equipment and property that the contractor does not incur because of the use of GFP allows the contractor to bid lower than contractors who do not use GFP (Tomanelli, 1994).

    The disadvantages of contractor using Government furnished Property are that the ...

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