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Government bureaucracy

The case study was:
Describe and evaluate a personal experience with government. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the process?
What suggestions would you make for improvement?

This solution provides a practical governmental interaction that many people have likely endured; being summoned to serve jury duty. The example explains how the personal experience went, with suggestions on how to make the process better. This solution is over 150 words.

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For the majority of registered voters, there is a possibility of being summoned for jury duty. Depending on the state one resides in, the process of how to report for duty can vary. In Washington state, several counties permit jurors to request an excuse from duty and also to report availability. A personal experience with such a system was a job-related conflict which permitted the juror's availability to serve. The county permitted excuse ...

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Customer service should be imperative to government agencies just as it is with "traditional" businesses that provide a product or service. During the Presidential elections in 2012; there was a popular platform of government "hearing" what the majority, or "99%" want. Changing anti-government sentiment can often occur by how the public ("customers") are treated.