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    Question about Bureaucratic accountability

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    Briefly mention the elements of the Bureaucratic accountability with the Presidency, Congress, the Courts, and itself. Provide key insights and specialized requirements where appropriate.

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    Bureaucratic Accountability

    What is bureaucratic accountability? According to Milakovich & Gordon (2009) are the 'principles of accountability applied in an effort to control bureaucratic power'. The US government is a bureaucracy. The government is formed via suffrage and those elected put in place people - the bureaucrats - to control, administer and ensure that the wheels of government are greased and working. They are the people that fill in varied roles across spectrum of government, across all sectors, agencies and departments that make up the US Administration ensuring that it functions as a nation according to its laws, policies and its Constitution. The power of the bureaucratic machine is endowed by the US Constitution. In other words, the US government is a political entity that must account for itself to ensure that the check and balances put in place are at work and that there is no abuse of power or injustice within the ranks of government. These are legal, social and judicial concerns affecting all sectors of the American nation and its political and governmental machinery.

    The US is a large Federal bureaucracy with a hierarchical authority and formal rules as well as job specialization. Because of the political nature of Government leadership, the tension within the bureaucracy is easily observable - partisan ...

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    The solution is a 790-word essay that discusses the main elements of bureaucratic accountability from the following government offices - The Office of the President, the US Congress and the us Courts. It also looks at the entire picture to see how the government works towards accounting and reviewing it's entirety. References are listed for expansion. A word version of the solution is attached for easy download and printing. The essay follows the APA format.