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An Ideal Bureaucracy

Describe how you would adjust, amend, or reform the current bureaucracy to meet the needs of the United States in the 21st century. Consider the following questions: is the current American bureaucracy in need of reform, or does it largely meet the needs of society? Do you believe that there are deep systemic and fundamental changes required to create an ideal bureaucracy? Is an ideal bureaucracy possible given the size of the United States and the many different constituencies within the country? How likely, or unlikely, are the prospects of any major changes occurring in the near term or long term?

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Max Weber noted the following about bureaucracies:
- Clear division of labor
- Hierarchy of offices
- Rational and legal authority
- Creation of rules for performance
- Selections based on qualifications
- Clear career paths
- Separation of personal phone with fisher properties and rights

Current government is tedious, cumbersome, and unorganized. Legal authority is given to some, however rational authority is often missing. This may be because ...

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