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    Organization life-cycle: Declining stage

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    How can a corporation keep from sliding into the Decline stage of the organizational life cycle? How, specifically, would you implement your advice in your present organization?

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    //Here, we will discuss the ways and methods through which an Organization or a Corporation can keep avoiding sliding into the 'Decline Stage' of the Organizational life cycle.//

    Decline could be reversed or prevented by carrying out innovations in the firm and its products and through cost reduction. The firm could diversify itself in its existing strength and achieve cost effectiveness and efficient productivity. The firm could employ more experienced management and implement effective leadership skills to the organization. Along with this, it could also take steps to improve the planning process and frame effective and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realizable and Time-bound) plans and carry out their implementation successfully. In the decline stage, new ways could be discovered to give a boost to their product or service. The firm could come up with product or line extensions, new and improved versions, new applications, or repositioning. (Who can access your product or service, 2008)

    //Above, we discussed about the methods and strategies through which an Organization can avoid sliding into the decline stage. As per the directions, now we will discuss how these methods and strategies will be implemented by me in my present ...

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