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    Architecture & Engineering Task

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    Week 5 Wiedower Question. The US Air Force Academy at Coloardo Springs is in the process of developing and buying 1,000 loft unit for the cadets to replace 20 year old existing cadet furniture. Your company - Boggio & Associates (An Architectural & Engineering Firm) has been awarded the contract to determine all pieces of furniture for each cadet and specification for manufacturing. There are 1,000 cadets and all will have the same furniture and all rooms are the same. You will be provided blueprints of the rooms. When you as CEO of the A&E firm meet with the General he tells you he wants solid wood, no use of particle board and really likes oak or ash for wood use. But open to other woods. Due to space he wants the bed on top with the chest of drawers and desk underneath. Needs great lighting and ergonomic features. Yo have 6 months to propose the units and will (BOM) bill of materials or specifications for manufacturing. After the General has approved the Academy will send out a bid to the commercial sector for award. This is not your job. The General has established a design committee to assist you with present cadets; past cadets; maintenance staf and other key personnel for input. You can call the Generals executive assistant to set up meetings. Before you leave this initial meeting the General says he wants his cadet furniture to be better than what is at West Point. Before you start on this project as the A&E firm you have these 3 Questions you ask the General-which are: (list 3 Questions you think are important to ask)?

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    First Question:
    What is the cost that the US Air Force Academy wants to incur for developing and buying 1,000 loft units for the cadets?
    (Rationale: The general has made several specifications including the wood that may be used, the placement of drawers and desk, lighting, and ergonomic features. The furniture also has ...

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