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    China's Rise as an economic superpower

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    Please answer these questions and provide APA references. Provide a 1-3 paragraphs for each question and also view each video link below to give you some perspective:
    - Do we really want to use a universal language as a barrier?
    - What does a "civilization state" mean? How can it use various "systems" to run the "whole?"
    - What is the relationship of the Chinese society and the State?
    - How has "power" been constructed in China?
    - What are the ramifications of the rise of China in terms of language, food, and other world resource sustainability?
    - Why do we keep misunderstanding China and therefore are hampered in predicting what they will do and why?



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    Do we really want to use a universal language as a barrier?
    No. using a universal language as a barrier would defeat the purpose of a language in the first place. Remember that language is a communication tool which we, as marketers, can use to communicate to customers - targeted and existing - about how our products meet their needs and wants at the right price.
    Currently, it appears that English is the de facto language, and according to Patricia Ryan (2010), in about 90 years, more than 5,000 languages will die. The more we insist on using a universal language to communicate one another, the higher the chances that languages other than this universal language will die. When a language die, it is more than a tool of communication that dies. The culture of the people of that language will also eventually die and consequently the knowledge that that culture has.

    What does a "civilization state" mean? How can it use various "systems" to run the "whole?"
    Civilization state is primarily defined as a state associated with a civilization. As a country, China by itself is a civilization, a civilization that spans hundreds of years and it is governed as a state. To run a civilization state efficiently and effectively, a one country, one system can be ...

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