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    SWOT Analysis

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    Discussion Topic: SWOT Analysis

    Conducting a SWOT analysis is essential in developing a good marketing plan. Business owners and managers must focus on the strengths and opportunities to maximize resources and gain competitive advantages.

    The strategic goal involves accomplishing these objectives while avoiding weaknesses and threats. Please read the article on Intuits' SWOT analysis (course reserves). Please see attachment

    Briefly discuss Intuit's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats noted in the article and discuss some areas at Intuit that could be improved.

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    Intuit is an excellent company to do a SWOT analysis. In regards to strengths, this company has three that are worth noting. They have a market position that is quite strong in regards to their segment with consumer tax; their revenue base is diversified; the organization has increased their research and development expenditure. Every business has weaknesses that they need to work on daily. Here are a few that Intuit has to improve. They are who they concentrate on geographically, payroll loss and service, and the difficulty in maintaining online systems as well as services. Despite the areas Intuit lacks in, the firm has opportunities that make their market exciting. This business is able to have healthcare solutions, focus on ...

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