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    Standard Business Plan Research

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    Execute the research necessary to find what is contained in each of these sections of a standard business plan.

    a. Cover page
    b. Table of contents
    c. Executive summary
    d. Company description
    e. The product or service
    f. The market
    g. Marketing
    h. Management/ownership
    i. Competition
    j. Financial statements and projections
    k. Appendices

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    Business Plan contents

    a. Cover page

    Cover page is your first impression on the Client. A good cover page can create a good impression. You can have a hardbound or a paper based cover page.

    The cover page contains the title of the Plan, the name of the customer, the name of the provider company, Version, Date, and any other information that is made mandatory to be published.

    b. Table of contents (TOC)

    Table of contents page typically contains a list of Chapters included in the Business Plan. The term Table of contents is usually mentioned on the top & preferably centre aligned.

    Along with the list of chapters, any graphs, tables or specific references can also be mentioned separately in the table of contents along with the page number on which the TOC is placed.

    Depending upon the depth of inclusion, subtopics can also be included in the TOC.

    The contents list of your plan performs three critical functions:

    - Lists structure of the Plan
    - Provides index to enable page access
    - Helps to guide and think through the plan

    The third part, is not focused upon much but it helps

    - Think about the scope of the plan
    - Test the logical flow of the plan
    - Link sections

    c. Executive summary

    Executive summary briefs out the entire plan. It generally includes Business Identity, Product mention, Services, Purpose of association or the business plan and key numbers in the business plan. In case a person does not have too much time to go through the entire plan then the executive summary should convey the entire jest of the plan in brief. An executive summary should not exceed more than a couple pages. Ideally it should be in a single page.

    Never waste any words in an executive summary. It is like getting a chance to meet Bill Gates and talking to him about your childhood friend, rather than talking business.

    d. Company description

    Company description ...

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