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    Business research

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    You can select communication, finance, economics, marketing, technology, or another faculty approved topic for the research study.

    ? Write a synopsis of the article, including the following:

    ? Define the business research and its purpose.
    ? Explain the business problems under investigation.
    ? Describe the data collection methods used in the research project.
    ? What did the researchers conclude as a result of their research?

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    ? Define the business research and its purpose.
    As per wikipedia, Research is scientific or critical investigation aimed at discovering and interpreting facts. Research" (Research ,2006), research consists of an active, diligent, and systematic process of inquiry in order to discover, interpret, or revise facts, events, behaviors, or theories, or to make a collection of information about a particular subject through the practical application of such facts, laws, or theories. The word derives from the Middle French, and the literal meaning is "to investigate thoroughly".
    As per uaf, the research process itself involves identifying, locating, assessing, analyzing, and then developing and expressing your ideas.

    As per experiment, the strict definition of scientific research is performing a methodical study in order to prove a hypothesis or answer a specific question. Finding a definitive answer is the central goal of any experimental process.
    Research must be systematic and follow a series of steps and a rigid standard protocol. These rules are broadly similar but may vary slightly between the different fields of science. As per cce,
    The research proposal is designed to enhance your skills in the following areas:
    1. Formulation of a research question.
    2. Identification of a "gap" in the research literature.
    3. Formulation of a set of hypotheses.
    4. Preparation of a literature review pertinent to the hypotheses.
    5. Choice of a ...

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