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    Smuckers' Fit or Lack of Fit

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    The case in this course is a "ongoing" case, which means that we have been taking an intense look at one company over the course of 5 modules. This term, we conducted a strategic analysis of the JM Smuckers company. In order to be best prepared and perform well on the cases, it is highly recommended that you complete the background readings and the SLP before writing the case.

    This final case involves an analysis of strategy implementation at Smuckers. You will use the resources you identified in the SLP to gather information about the company and relate that information to your work in the previous four cases.

    Step One. Review your cases 1-4 so that you are familiar with the mission, vision, SWOT, strategy, and strategic choices you identified over the course of the class.

    Step Two. Research the structure, systems, people, and culture at Smuckers. Use the questions listed in the SLP as a guideline. You will not be able to get answers to every single question, but you will need to answer at least one or two for each component.
    Step Three. Describe Smuckers' organizational design, key strategic control systems, primary people concerns and cultural factors that have a direct effect on strategy implementation.

    Step Four. .Critically evaluate the fit - or lack of fit - between the company's mission, strategy, and organizational components critical to implementation

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    Smuckers as has been studied in the previous papers is one of the leading brands in North America for fruit spreads, peanut butter, shortening and oils, ice cream toppings, sweetened condensed milk and health and natural foods beverages (Smucker's). The company was founded in 1897, and has had strong and well planned values and roots which is still followed until this day. The company continues to work on the basic belief that quality, people.

    Structure, Systems, Culture and People:
    Smuckers is a very open organization with a clear focus on the employee and all people that relate to the company. Smucker's mission, vision and belief statements are as below, 'A culture of dotting the i's and crossing the t's... Of doing the right things... And doing things right... A culture of growth - individual and as a company. It's who we are. It's because of who we are. It's the result of living our Basic Beliefs... Our commitment to each other. To our consumers, and to our customers. As we look to a future of unlimited possibilities, we recognize the principles that are ...

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    The solution provides a detailed analysis of the Smuckers' company's vision, mission and analyzes the fit or lack of fit between the company's mission, strategy, and organizational components critical to implementation. 4 references have also been included in the solution.