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    Guidance for conducting a SWOT analysis

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    Please provide the seven rules for completing a case analysis and SWOT.
    Please provide some tips to doing a SWAT analysis for inner-city paint corporation

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    Hello, here are some tips to help you create the SWOT analysis. I've also included 3 references that you can incorporate.

    There are two main parts of the SWOT with 2 divisions under each part.

    Internal is the first part and the two divisions are Strengths and Weaknesses.
    Both of these are things that the paint company has control over. Simply put, strengths are helpful and weaknesses are harmful.

    The common strengths of a paint company may include:

    -a new and innovative services or technologies
    -ability to cut costs while improving ...

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    This solution provides guidance on conducting a SWOT analysis for an inner-city paint corporation.