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    Environmental Scan for PCC

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    Please help on creating this process of competitive environmental scanning so I can complete a proposed strategic plan later part of the course. The subject company is Precision Castparts Corp. (PCC). Analyses to be used for internal environment is SWOT and PESTEL for external environment. Please tackle the following in APA format by writing a summary of no more than 1400 words. Please include citations.

    Perform an internal competitive environmental scan for PCC
    - Identified and analyzed the most important external environmental factor in the remote, industry, and external operating environments
    - Identified and analyzed the most important internal strengths and weaknesses of PCC including assessment of the organization's resources
    - Assessed the organization's competitive positions and possibilities
    - Analyzed the structure of PCC and how this affects the organizational performance.

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    The response addresses the query posted in 1350 words with APA references.

    // A firms competitive advantage is the governing feature of its success. In order to maintain a stable position in the market it is very essential for all the organization to maintain its internal as well as external environment. In this context, Precision Cast parts corp. (PCC) is analyzed by using SWOT and PESTLE analysis to determine its competitive position.//
    The Political Environment of the country, such as federal budget supports Precision Cast parts corp. (PCC) in maintaining smooth supply process of its raw materials and advance equipment. Along with this, the government is quite supportive in nature in promoting the development of the industry.
    The Economic Environment of PCC greatly support the company in achieving its target. The company is headquartered in Portland wherein the overall economy is very sound. The sound economic structure has provided with increased job growth opportunities. Along with this, balanced inflation rate of the country has also supported its growth. The overall financial situation helps the company to look forward for expansions and continuous developments (Schmidt, 2014).
    The social environment states that the company must abide by the values, beliefs, norms and culture of the society. The company meets the ever-increasing demands of its customers so that the customer loyalty is maintained on a continuous basis.
    The technological environment states that while meeting the demands of the customers and maintaining a persistent position in the market, it is mandatory for the company to adopt all the technological advancements. The company also avoid the use of obsolete products because the company can not take any risk with the life of its customers.
    The laws within the U.S. can be considered quite critical and strict for the industry, as overall legal implications of laws over production, and distribution of remote industry and its related products are quite high. In regard to this strict legal implication can also be proved positive for the company as it leads to create strict entry barriers for new entrant within the industry (PCC, 2012).
    The environmental factors are also considered with care because the industry is involved in manufacturing of such products that undertakes the use of certain conflict minerals that might prove dangerous for the environment. The emissions might prove hazardous for ...

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    This solution of 1350 words performs an internal competitive environmental scan for PCC. References used are included in APA format.