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Strategic planning for PCC

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Please help on this process of strategic planning. Subject company is PCC.

Strategic Choice and Evaluation:

Evaluate alternatives PCC must consider to realize growth in no more than 1400 words (references not included) on APA format. Please include in-text citations.

- Identify the best value discipline, generic strategy, and grand strategy for PCC.
- Recommend a strategy or combination of strategies PCC should implement.

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The response addresses the query posted in 1514 words with APA references.

// It is important for every company to involve the process of strategic plan that helps the company to coordinate and implement strategies that builds better understanding of the company and risk associated with any strategies. The following section explores the current strategic plans that PCC implements and identifies the value discipline, generic strategy and grand strategies that company implements.//
Precision Castparts Corp. (PCC) is situated in Oregon, Portland and deals in metal fabrication and industrial goods. Precision Castparts Corp. is highly competitive in all the markets that it serves such as investment casting, airfoil casting, forged components for the use in defense industries, industrial gas turbine, and aerospace industries. The company is one of the world leading producers of complex investment casting, engineered fasteners, and high-performance alloys. In 2014, the total sales of PCC were more than $9000 million (PCC, 2015). PCC if distinguished by pre-eminent leadership by other competitors and serves high degree proprietary technology and technical expertise integrated with its products line. It also leads the market by managing its complex manufacturing processes and paying close attention to the shareholder value creation. The company excelled through its current strategic position. The company has a competitive advantage and maintains a stable position in the market. Precision Castparts Corp. relies on three strategies such as utilization of acquisition, global expansion of its market and investment in the research and development.
PCC is supported by the federal budget in maintaining the process of smooth supply of its raw materials and advanced equipment. Moreover, the US government is quite supportive in nature and promotes the development of the business. The company's headquarter is located in Portland, where the overall economy is very sound, and that has provided the company with increased job growth opportunities. Furthermore, country's balanced inflation rate has also supported the growth of the company. The company can look forward to the expansions and continuous developments as the financial situation of the company is very sound (Schmidt, 2014). The company abides by the beliefs, values, norms and culture of the society. The company meets the increasing demands of its customers so that the customer loyalty is maintained for long-term. The company meets the demands of the customers and maintains a persistent position in the market by adopting all the technological advancements. The U.S. law implication is strict over the production and distribution of remote industry that leads to strict entry barrier for any new entrant to the industry (PCC, 2012). PCC adopts a sustainable development approach in which pollution should be avoided at the maximum level (Schmidt, 2014).

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The response addresses the query about strategic planning for PCC posted in 1514 words with APA references.