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Company Analysis of Werner Enterprises

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You MUST dig into the financials for Werner AND their main competitors. You will want to:
- Include financial ratios for Werner and competitors for several years;
- Show financial changes over time;
- Compare Werner (and competitor's) stock performance to the industry and overall market over time.
- Be sure to accurately identify Strengths/Weaknesses as being internal to Werner, and opportunities/threats external to Werner and in the industry.
- Do a SWOT overview on the top competitor.

Please be sure to include references

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This response provides guidelines and references for calculating main financial ratios for Werner and its competitors. Werner's (and competitor's) stock performance to the industry and overall market over time is also compared. A SWOT overview is provided for Werner and Werner's main competitor.

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Van der Vorst, J., Van Dijk, S., & Beulens, A., (2001). Supply chain design in the food industry. International Journal of Logistics Management 12(2), 73-86.

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