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Multibusiness Strategy

Compare and contrast the synergy approach and the parenting/patching approach - pros and cons to each?

Select one or two conglomerates and analyze them using portfolio and parenting/patching approaches ... what have you learned about these firms? What have you learned about these utility of these strategic analysis techniques?

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Multi Business Strategy:

A patch approach is a model which is centered on the community with an aim of initiating changes which can be termed as dramatic within the social and community development. The process of going patch refers to the act of coming up with teams of advocates, community residents, volunteers, and professionals. The individuals work in a manner that is considered innovative and vital within their neighborhood hence providing an establishment which is can be easily assessed and fragmented. The team which makes use of the patch approach has a strong neighborhood orientation involving the residents in the provision as well as planning of the services.

The patch approach has an advantage of showing how value is usually created for the business and a disadvantage is that it is considered critical during analysis by the corporate executives since determining the existing hierarchy between the businesses is difficult. The synergy approach on the other hand involves the integration of two or more individuals or ...

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The solution discusses a multibusiness strategy.