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Competitive Advantage of Copperfields

What does a SWOT analysis of Copperfield's Books reveal? What are Copperfield's Books' core competencies? Its distinctive competencies? Does it have a competitive advantage? How does Copperfield's Books compare to its competitors in a weighted competitive strength assessment?

I would like a complete analysis (SWOT)

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Copperfield Books

Online and on ground
Good prices
Excellent offers of informed authors about their books and other writers
Author quotes and discussions
Sell and buy rare books and other materials

Online site seems limited, even if it is not
Prices are good, but not discounted the way they are with some larger outlets
Not enough emphasis on reviews for some readers, too much author based
Pricing for rare books a little high
Limited variety of offerings, only books and music types of products

Getting the first word from authors on some books
Having the parties for openings like Harry potter (Amazon cannot do this)
Ability to improve book selections
Expand into ...

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A discussion on the competencies and competitive advantages of Copperfield books using a SWOT.