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Supply Chain Strategy And Consumer Choice Discussion

1. One Short Paragraph of discussion needed
Supply Chain Strategy
Please read the following article, 'hot from the oven' on supply chain strategy:
What lessons can be learned from this article? Can you apply any of these to your own organization?

2. One Short Paragraph of discussion needed
Here's a reference to a recent article on consumer choice:
Review the article and discuss whether you agree with the researchers' conclusions. How do you feel about it as a CONSUMER? How do you feel about it as a PRODUCER?

What implications does this line of reasoning have for anti-trust regulation broadly speaking? Recognizing that costs and benefits are subjective (as opposed to objective) by nature, should anti-trust rules be based on a court's perception of what is good for consumers and/or shareholders? Or should these rules be based on fundamental moral principles having to do with whether or not firms' actions are in accordance with basic moral rights of association and ownership in their merger and acquisition activities?

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1. Supply Chain Strategy:

What lessons can be learned from this article? Can you apply any of these to your own organization?
There are many lessons that can be learned from Risk and Reward in Supply Chain Management. The article referenced that, "The key is, first, to examine your basic supply-to-market strategy to ensure you are following the course that best supports your business, and, second, to determine the right tactics to support your strategy. In order to effectively balance risk and opportunity, product manufacturers, distributors, and retailers need to periodically rethink their strategies for going to market and there are two ways: (1) shorten the supply chain in order to reduce cycle time and disruption risk or (2) optimize the portfolio of supply chain sources and locations in order to gain flexibility through ...

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