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    Jackson Hewitt Supply Chain

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    A. Identify the existing supply chain management processes within H & R Block, Jackson Hewitt, or other tax preparation service.

    b. Describe the flow of materials to this organization, the organization's function, and the customers it serves.

    c. Compare and contrast these practices with other supply chain practices, both domestic and global.

    d. Based upon your research and cost-benefit analysis, recommend changes.

    e. Analyze the ethics implications of your recommendations.

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    STEP 1

    1. Identify the existing supply chain management processes within H & R Block, Jackson Hewitt, or other tax preparation service.
    The company selected is Jackson Hewitt. This introduction is taken from the website: http://www.jacksonhewitt.com/" Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc. (NYSE: JTX) is the second largest tax preparation service company in the United States, with over 6,000 franchised and company-owned offices in 49 states and the District of Columbia. Specializing in electronic filing (IRS e-file), the Company provides full service, individual federal and state income tax preparation and facilitates related financial products. Most Jackson Hewitt offices are independently owned and operated. Jackson Hewitt is based in Parsippany, New Jersey." http://www.jacksonhewitt.com/
    The supply chain management processes within Jackson Hewitt:
    1. The supply chain management processes starts with managing the crucial input of finance, information and software updates. There are several software being used by the company to compute the tax rate of the customer and to get him/her several rebates that are often overlooked. For example the ProFiler decision tree helps individuals to get their returns in order.
    2. The company also sources financial products and services that help its client. For example, the company arranges for refund anticipation loans.
    3. An important aspect of the companies inputs is the legal department. The company gets exposed to litigation and this has to be managed by its legal department.
    4. The company's operation is to simplify tax returns preparation for its clients and ensure that they get the maximum number of rebates allowed by the tax law.
    5. Moreover, the company operates through its independent franchisees. The company has to identify areas where franchisees are needed, attract and appoint franchisees, train them and service their needs and concerns.
    6. The franchisee relations maintenance is one of the most important functions of the Jackson Hewitt. This includes close interaction with the franchisees, providing them with essential information, software, training and software management. The franchisees operate through the software that is supplied by Jackson Hewitt.
    How Jackson Hewitt interacts with and maintains the supply chain management with its franchisees:
    This material is taken direct from the website: http://www.jacksonhewitt.com"
    Regional Directors Regional Directors (RDs) are liaisons between the franchisees and National Headquarters. They run workshops and offer guidance in training, signage, and staffing. They also assist franchisees with:
    ? Office site selection
    ? Local advertising
    ? Pubic relations efforts
    Franchise Service ManagersOur Franchise Service Managers (FSMs) provide quick responses to our franchisees' questions, while communicating system updates and strengthening franchise relations.
    Automatic Alerts You will receive daily communication on operational practices via ATPs - documents are automatically printed to each processing center.
    JHnet The Jackson Hewitt corporate intranet site, JHnet, provides franchisees with quick access to the latest information on technology, marketing, and operations, as well as contact information for all members of National Headquarters.
    ProFiler® Software:Our proprietary software is an interview-based application that guides our tax preparers through a series of questions tailored to each customer's tax situation. This program greatly minimizes errors and maximizes the number of deductions a customer is entitled to receive.
    StaRT Manual: Staff ...

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