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Tools Employed for Good Customers or Supplier Management

Pick a firm that you believe is particularly good at customer management or supplier management as a basis for creating value. What tools (e.g., certification lists, software, fixing organizational responsibilities, restructuring, etc.) do the company's managers employ to create value through these vehicles?

Does the company view its customer management or supplier management process as a "core competency"?

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Customer Management:

Customer management is a factor that every business, organization, or company aims at achieving while doing business with a purpose of generating profits in the industry. Customer management will result to several benefits being generated by the organization for example, as a result of customer management, customers may decide to access their services or purchase their product from a single outlet since they are more satisfied with the goods and services being offered by organization hence there is no need of accessing the services from another supplier or producer (Sichtmann, Selasinsky, & Diamantopoulos ...

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The solution discusses tools employed for good customers or supplier management to create value.