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    Target market for resume writing website: Competition

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    Part 1
    I've chosen to start up an e-commerce business offering a variety of resume writing services. When trying to determine and explain and analyze my target demographics, I'im stumped and unable to select a specific target. And Why would this target want to use my service? Using the link how can I can interpret this data into my own? factfinder2.census.gov/faces/nav/jsf/pages/index.xhtml

    Analyze your competition. Who are they? Who are the biggest players (include market share data)? How large are the markets? What are the trends/forecats in the industry? How does your service fit in? What does your competition off that your target market wants? How can you compete?

    Part 2
    Describe what would be your IMC approach (im not familiar with the terminology) and why would I choose such approach?

    -Describe the message you wish to communicate based on your core strategy. Explain your rationale for the message. (Would this be my plan on implementing this website?)

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    As you begin to prepare for this assignment, you may find it useful to assess your current competition, for instance, you should identify the target audience of your competition which would give you better understanding as to the type of consumers you are trying to reach. Below is a list of your competition;

    Primary Competition

    1. Monster-the top competitor and the only one I could find that was on the New York Stock Exchange. (NYSE: MWW. Market Cap: 1.11 Billion. Shares Outstanding: 129,180,000. Earnings per share 0.05. Last trade closed 8.58).

    Secondary Competition

    ? Resume writers.com

    ? Career Perfect.com

    ? Career Plus Resumes

    ? Resume's Guaranteed

    ? Great Resume's Fast

    ? 1-on-1 Resume's

    ? Professional Resume's Services

    ? Resume Crafters

    As you can see there is a significant market for this type of service. Most of the aforementioned competition targets professionals, executives, students, IT specialists, etc. Your target demographic could be any potential job seeker or career change (transitional) applicant. Consider today's current economy, employees have been laid off from current positions with no knowledge as to how to move forward, in retrospect, people have been unable to obtain adequate employment since the beginning of the recession with no hope of bridging the gap in an applicant's unemployment history. Your service could provide a skill assessment that will pinpoint an applicant's current skill sets and enhance them by integrating new skills to start over with a new career that is much more rewarding. Considering that the competition is overwhelming, it is imperative that you provide something unique that would significantly impact the current economic climate. One thing the competition has in common is that their services are expensive ranging from $79-$500. Most of these ...

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