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SWOT analysis of a low-cost strategy

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Prepare a Swot Analysis and Overall Strategy.

For spreadsheet information and Mission/Vision/Objectives:

Bravo Camera Company uses the leading edge technology to provide our consumers with the cutting edge products to capture crystal clear memories. Environmentally conscience and community-focused working to sustain and improve the world around us so future generations can create their own memories.
Bravo's passion for innovation will push our company into the future giving our customers leading edge technology. We are a company with high integrity and sincerity, communicating openly with our consumers.
We seek to provide value to our customers by incorporating our unique, proprietary technologies into all our products to produce the clearest image available.
Bravo Camera Company: Providing innovative products and exceeding expectations.

Bravo Camera Company, serving the community with the best innovative tools to capture images that will last a lifetime. We offer value, quality and care with the latest state of the art digital and photographic needs in order to exceed customer satisfaction and expectations. Bravo's belief is that the preservation of life's moments requires the highest level of expertise, affordability and the experience to perform as the global leader in camera technology.


Goal: The goal of Bravo Camera Company is to provide quality merchandise for low cost and to meet customer needs by providing quality service.

Business Strategy:

The business strategy of Bravo Camera Company is to beat out the competition and offer quality service at a low cost and to exceed the expectations of consumers

A key focus for Bravo Camera Company is to strengthen its camera business and achieve market leadership in digital imaging. To achieve this, Bravo is pursuing three corporate initiatives:

• The Customer Viewpoint: Basing all decision on the viewpoint of the customer

• Product Development: Enhance our capability to develop products that will enabled our company to sustain environmental growth

• Low Cost: Offer quality products at a low cost

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Step 1
SWOT Analysis
Strengths: Bravo produces cutting edge products to capture crystal clear images. The company is innovative. The company is known for integrity, sincerity, and openly communicating with customers. The images will last a lifetime. The company produces latest state of the art digital and photographic products. It provides quality services at low prices. Entry level cameras and multi-functional cameras assembled and shipped is increasing. Bravo has a reputation for conserving energy and making charitable contributions. The sales revenues, net profit, and earnings per share have increased from year 6 to year 7. In short, the financial position of Bravo Camera Company is strong.
Weaknesses: The quarterly technical support and advertising costs are increasing. Further, there is no program in place to achieve economies of scale and achieve cost leadership. The cameras of Bravo Camera Company are not differentiated from those of competitors. The average number of ...

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