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    Sustainable Issues and Carbon Footprints Data Calculations

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    I have prepared part of the assignment already which consist of providing a ppt on the below sustainable issues. The problem I am having which I emailed the instructor about is downloading the free spreadsheet to do the additional part that has been added to the original assignment which is to calculate the carbon footprint for potatoes, plastic and water. See below where it says ADDITION which means in addition to the orginal assignment we must add the carbon footprint.

    Here is the original assignment:
    A key part of the implementation will involve researching alternative materials, processes, and energy sources. The CEO has asked for a comprehensive report laying out the long-term sustainability issues in each of the following areas described below that would need to be considered in the final plan.

    I. Energy: Each person in the group must research and create a PowerPoint presentation that provides a synopsis of a different current nonrenewable energy source. The speaker notes for each slide should be 100-150 words each. Include the following: I have done this part.

    BTU or any other common unit of measure and its cost
    Emission issues as applicable to each one
    Long-term availability of the resource

    II. Raw materials: Because alternative materials will no doubt be researched for future changes, the CEO wants a status of the following natural resources. Each person in the group must choose one of the following materials listed for reporting: I have done this part.

    For each one, complete the following:

    Describe its current toxicity/safety/environmental hazard issues.
    Describe the long-term supply availability.
    Describe possible substitute materials.

    III. Process Selection: There is a wide range of heating processes available across industries. Each kind of furnace design has different potential pollutant sources and waste streams. (I haven't completed this part yet since it is confusing at least it is too me. I already did the energy part above so I am confused about why process selection seems to be going back to energy again. Can you provide a better understanding what this means? The below is also part of process selection which is another reason I am confused.)

    Study pollutants in the air versus generation of solid waste needing disposal because each has different standards to achieve, different technologies to achieve it, and different costs of capital to install.

    Each person in the group must compare and contrast the issues in each of the following process options:

    A process generating particulate emissions through its stack versus one that discharges particulate into the wastewater entering the municipal sewer system
    A process using electric versus coal-fired heat as a source
    A process that could use solar heat versus windmill-generated electric heat
    Consider and report on the following:

    Technology used
    Pollutants/environmental hazard/toxicity
    Costs of usage (include cost of capital and waste disposal)
    Sustainability of the process

    MAJOR POROBLEM: I can't no matter what I do get the spreadsheet to download so that I can do the calculations, see the link below to where the spreadsheet is available. ANOTHER CONCERN: How can the carbon footprints be determined for potatoes, plastic or water if you don't have the data available to do the calculations? The spreadsheet is the tool to put the data in. I need assistance especially with getting the spreadsheet download because for the last 2 nights I have not be success yet, since everytime I try to download it, it keeps telling me it is a read only file. This can't be true if this is where the spreadsheet has to be obtained for the assignment. I have emailed the instructor and his suggestion are not working. Thank you.

    II. Raw materials please use the following:
    Red Group - Please look at Potatoes, Plastics, & Water

    Please estimate the carbon in one of the ingredients from your group (e.g. potatoes) using CCALC.
    You can download the software for free here:

    Explore this and give me a number. I WILL NOT grade you on the number. So relax. Rather, I will look at your effort to explore the tool. Please do not spend a lot of time on it. This is only intended to give you exposure to a LCA method.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciate. I have been working on assignment for days but having got to this point in the assignment I am lost. Thank you.

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    The calculated carbon foot print is 0.62 for 10 tons of potatoes as the raw materials. Since the CALC file is more than 21 MB, I am unable to upload the file.

    Here are the steps to modify the carbon foot print calculation.

    Open the CALC file.
    Click on the Enable Macros button in Microsoft Excel.
    Click on the Ok button to agree to the terms and conditions of using CALC file.
    Click on the Enter system details button.
    Click on the Database section drop down button. Select Agricultural inputs.
    Click the drop down list below the Database section and select Potatoes (1), conventional, DE.
    Select the stage for material use.
    Enter the Amount of raw ...

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