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Real Estate Agents: Web sites, mass media, and personal contact

Many real estate agents today have Web sites that list the properties they have for sale. These agents also advertise the properties on Realtor.com and sometimes in television ads. However, most real estate agents would tell you that personal contact provides their most important connections with clients, potential clients, and client referral sources.

Describe the things that real estate agents can best accomplish through

(1) their Web sites,
(2) mass media advertising, and
(3) personal contact.

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Through their websites, real estate agents can target exact customers they want. In addition, the real estate agents can target customers at a relatively lower cost. Most importantly, through their website the real estate agents can reach a relatively large audience. Usually real estate agents require their customers to register with them. This registration process includes entering the required information about the customer, paying a small registration fee, and mentioning the details of the transaction the potential customer wants to enter into. The website of the real estate agent can easily take care ...