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Questions about an RFP, clause on progress payments

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Assume you are the contracting officer. For each question, decide whether the disclosure of information to the contractor would be unfair to other offerors and explain why. How would you respond and to whom?

1. Contractor: May I ask some questions about this Request for Proposal for upgrading pollution-control devices?

2. Contractor: I don't understand the clause on progress payments. Can you explain it to me in English?

3. Contractor: How much does the government expect to pay for this contract? If I give you a proposal for $300,000, would I be in the ballpark?

4. Contractor: I believe paragraph 8 of the specification is ambiguous. As I read it the requirement for replacing the filter support bracket is based on the assumption that rebuilding the filter adds significantly to its weight. However, my rebuilt filters only weigh a couple of pounds more than the originals. Is it okay if I base my proposal on the assumption that I may leave the existing brackets in place?

5. Contractor: Can you at least tell me whom I am competing against?

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How much the government expects to pay for this contract is determined.

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FAR Part 15

Question One:

As a contracting officer, there is information considered fair for me to provide to contractors which may be considered fair to other offerors. There are various ways of responding to their questions which will go along according to the FAR Part 15 standards. Taking into consideration the provision of information whereby a contractor asks questions regarding request for proposal for upgrading pollution-control devices. For this contractor, I would respond by providing him or her with the necessary request for proposal for upgrading the pollution control devices since this is not considered to be information that would be unfair to other offerors.

In the FAR 15.203 requests for proposals, information in support for whether or not information should be offered to the contractor is provided. To begin with, this information is required to be in the offeror's proposal therefore it is not considered to be discriminatory to provide the information to a contractor at the expense ...

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