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    Product Distribution

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    How does your organization distribute its product?

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    How does an organization distribute its product?
    First, let's define what distribution is: Distribution (or placement) is one of the four aspects of marketing. After a product is manufactured, it may be warehoused or shipped to the next supply chain which is typically a distributor, retailer or consumer. Broadly speaking, distribution concerns the methods, processes, infrastructure, institutions and pricing mechanisms required to bring a product from manufacturers to consumers. Product may pass from distribution partner to consumer via various "channels of trade", where a channel of trade is defined to be an established market mechanism for distributing and selling products that follows a well-understood set of merchandising, settlement and delivery policies. Consequently, distribution strategy encompasses elements of marketing, merchandising, delivery and logistics: the set of business rules and processes used to move the product or service through the supply chain to the end customer. Distribution strategy addresses questions ...

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