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Procter and Gable: Objectives of operation management

P&G (Procter & Gamble)

Regarding the five objectives of operation management,

-What implications do these objectives have for how the company conducts its operations?

-What advantages and disadvantages result from the organization stressing some objectives over the others?

Give me guidance/outline to discuss these with reference to P&G.

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Proctor and Gamble is one of the most important companies in the United States and the world. Their focus has diversified over the life of the company and now includes cleaning supplies, pharmaceuticals, and health and beauty aids. The company, formed in 1837, has been an innovator in both products and management throughout their history. In the late 1800's, they were among the first to offer profit sharing for employees, making their commitment stronger to both the company and the products they produce.
Other innovations occur in applicable ways to all their products. ...

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